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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer flight training or flight instruction?

No. SimpliFLY does not offer flight instruction. We offer a simulator for use by pilots and their flight instructors. Our team will provide instruction on simulator operation only. For example, we can help you get started with sim setup, provide guidance on using the instructor panel, and other sim-related operations.

Does SimpliFLY provide flight or training materials, such as charts or checklists?

No. Please supply your own checklists, aircraft manuals and charts. These items are available for download from the Cirrus website, and the FAA website. The simulator database contains current Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs), Standard Terminal Arrival Routings (STARs), and Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs). It is also loaded with Cirrus interactive checklists. 

What can I log?

Please see our What Can I Log page for for all the answers and FAR references.

Is the ForeFlight app compatible with the simulator?

Yes. Connect to the sims wifi network and allow Devices from within ForeFlight to receive position information. 

Does my flight instructor need to be affiliated with Cirrus or SimpliFLY to provide instruction at your facility?

No. SimpliFLY is not associated with any particular organization or flight instructor. All pilots and flight instructors are welcome to use our facility. We will assist you and your instructor with simulator operation.

Where can I find a copy of the Letter of Authorization?

There is a link to download a PDF version of the Letter of Authorization on our What Can I Log page. You will also find a scannable QR code and printed copies adjacent to the simulator.

Am I required to have a flight instructor with me when I use the simulator?

No. Any certified pilot is welcome to use our facility with or without an instructor. In fact, the sim is a great tool for practicing procedures at your own pace. 

I fly an airplane with a similar setup but it is not a Cirrus.?

You should find the operation of the instruments familiar, however there will be obvious performance and configuration differences, just as you would expect with an airplane.

Are gift cards available?

Yes. Gift cards are available in amounts from $50 to $2,500. See our gift cards page under More Info in the menu at the top of this page.

I have a question not covered here. Who should I contact?

Please call our office or send an email to

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