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"There is not a better tool for Cirrus pilots to develop and maintain proficiency in a safe environment than using SimpliFLY's Cirrus SR series simulator."

~Will Farrell, CSIP

Give Flight

The perfect gift for yourself or someone you know. Available from $25 to $2,500.


Bring Your Own Instructor; Bring Your Own Student. We want everyone to have easy access to our simulator. Instructors, contact us to learn about a complimentary Operator's session.

Better Training, Less Money

Your training dollars go further when you train in our simulator. At 1/4 the price of the average SR22 rental, an instrument student can save over $6,400.* A Commercial pilot can save over $16,500.** 

Did you know?

You can complete all recent instrument experience requirements in our sim. See what else you can log.

Vision Jet-CAPS Rendering.jpeg

Pulling CAPS

CAPS should be a key part of your decision making process. You are 13 times more likely to survive an accident in a Cirrus airplane when CAPS is used.***


Using CAPS is not intuitive, it takes training and practice to prepare for emergency high stress situations. That's why our simulator is equipped with a CAPS system. You can experience pulling the properly weighted T-handle, deployment and drift down simulation.

Coupled with the ability to program system and power-plant malfunctions, our sim allows you to practice realistic scenario based training. 


Too hot or too cold? The sim environment is always comfortable. Why swelter on the tarmac stressing about draining your battery, or rushing through your preflight. It's difficult to learn that way. The simulator provides a relaxed comfortable atmosphere that enhances learning and facilitates understanding. 

Adjustable Flight Conditions

What does it look like to fly an approach down to minimums? Is there any difference between using a view limiting device and actual IMC? The sim supports real world and user defined weather. This means you can practice an approach with a strong crosswind, low ceiling and low visibility, in the dark during the day.

Radar image dipicting storms on flight path.

Why Use a Simulator?

Experience is key and the habit patterns you form are critical. What's it doing now? Why isn't it ...? If you have ever flown with a coupled autopilot you've probably asked yourself those questions. The simulator is an excellent platform to practice operating complex avionics, and learn effective information management in a real-time environment.


You can use the sim to run uncommon scenarios, practice complex procedures, or pause in place to analyze your situation. Build your skill and confidence with the re-fly feature. It allows you to rewind your flight so you can review it on the instruments and visual display, or fly it again yourself.

The simulator provides a superior learning environment to an actual aircraft. From new pilots to experienced pilots alike, flying the sim offers a level of comfort and safety you can't get in an aircraft. 

Airport runway with rain.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance general aviation safety by increasing accessibility to realistic instrument and aircraft simulation, thereby improving pilot proficiency.  

"There is not a better tool for Cirrus pilots to develop and maintain proficiency in a safe environment than using SimpliFLY's Cirrus SR series simulator.  The features and functionality are exceptional in detail, to include Perspective avionics found in the Generation 5 and 6 Cirrus SR series.  Did I mention CAPS?  Now you can practice to proficiency scenarios that integrate this important safety device with your training.  Used by Cirrus Aircraft in their own training facilities, this simulator is the real deal – and an integral part of the training I offer to Cirrus customers as a CSIP in the Charlotte area."

~Will Farrell, CSIP


~Doug, LtCol (Ret.) United States Marine Corps, CH-53E

American Airlines 787 First Officer

“Possibly the single most important characteristic of a competent, safe aviator is possessing very high situational awareness.  Without challenging training environments, situational awareness atrophies and associated skills and safety margins shrink.”


"One of the things I really like about the sim is flying an approach down to minimums. It's a big difference to get to minimums with the visibility set to 1/2 a mile, compared to taking off the hood at minimums on a sunny day." 

~Alex, Instrument Student

"Learning how to do something doesn’t make it a skill. You have to practice it over and over, make mistakes and learn through that experience."

~Adam, LtCol. United States Air Force

American Airlines, Captain A320

"Proficiency is like knowledge, it’s not rote memory, it’s understanding the process, it’s handling the variables and making changes to affect the outcome. Proficiency is the foundation of competence.​"

~ Rob, American Airlines, Captain 737

* Based on 20 hours at an average rental rate of $425 per hour, simulator rate base on the purchase of our Instrument 20 hour plan.

** Based on 50 hours at an average rental rate of $425 per hour, simulator rate based on the purchase of our Commercial 50 hour plan.

*** Your Ultimate Backup CAPS,

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